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Orgonite Dome with Shunguite and Violet Glitter

Orgonite Dome with Shunguite and Violet Glitter

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This Dome-shaped Orgone device contains Blue Quartz inside, to the mixture of the resin and the aluminum chip I have added Shunguite powder making the Orgonite even more effective since Shunguite acts at other energy and frequency levels than the classic orgonite.

It helps combat electromagnetic radiation by creating pulses of negative ions and works at an energetic level, purifying the environment of densified energies.

Orgone is also known as Chi, Ki, Pranna, life force, etc.

The devices I create are designed with the intention of protecting us from electromagnetic emanations of all kinds, such as telephone antennas, mobile phones, microwaves, and in general all types of household appliances.

It is also a protector against negative people, places that emanate negative energy such as hospitals, cemeteries, police stations, etc. Places where the environment is “charged” with energy that affects our health in a negative way.

The operation of the device is very simple:
• Metals absorb waves from the environment (telephony, microwaves, televisions, etc.) and direct them into the interior of the device. These waves devitalize the environmental energy, what we call ions.

The mission of the device is then to direct that devitalized energy through the quartz to recharge it with electrons, that is, vital energy.

• The organic resin traps this energy inside giving the quartz time to do its work. We can compare this phenomenon to the operation of an electric cable. Copper directs electrical energy from one point to another, but requires the plastic electrical coating to isolate the electrical energy inside and prevent it from escaping. Orgonite works in the same way, but instead of directing the electric current, it does so with the atmospheric current (ions).

• It is then that the quartz, compressed by the resin, generates a flow of electrons (piezoelectric quality), which add to the devitalized wave, converting it into healing and positive energy for all living beings.
We thus obtain a device that continuously absorbs waves from the environment and returns vital energy and vibration to them, thus protecting our body, our home and our loved ones. It is a perfect item to give as a holiday gift to your loved ones or for home protection.


  • Aluminum sheets or shavings that direct energy towards the gems.
  • blue quartz
  • Polyester resin
  • Violet glitter
  • Shunguite powder


  • Radius of action approximately 400 meters.
  • Measurements: 6.5cm high by 9cm maximum diameter
  • Weight: 425g.
  • Orgone Energy Units: 47,000 Bovis

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