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Orgone Accumulator Belt - Orgone Blankets

Orgone Accumulator Belt - Orgone Blankets

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Based on the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich.


The use of orgone accumulators has precise effects on the body, which is energetically recharged/balanced.

  • Biological effects of a strong orgone charge:
  • Rejuvenation.
  • Relief of chronic pain.
  • Higher level of energy, activity and vitality.
  • Fight depression and apathy.
  • Increased immunity.
  • If used immediately, it is the best resource for burns, wounds, blows, and any first aid situation.
  • Increased tissue growth rates, wound repair and healing.
  • Stimulates capillary circulation, providing a sensation of heat on the surface of the skin.
  • It facilitates intestinal movements (peristalsis), and deepens breathing.
  • Decreased heart rate, which stimulates a feeling of calm and rest, helping you sleep better.
  • In small children it can be used in the arms of an adult or while sleeping, respecting the time of 20 to 30 minutes and under supervision.

This model is used by rolling it on the body, or the area you wish to treat, with optimal irradiation, working from the outside in in all directions, for a certain time between 20 and 30 minutes, as a general rule, depending on the load. and the sensitivity of the person. We can lengthen the time successively, as long as the sensations are pleasant.

We will charge it on a sunny day for at least an hour, to use it immediately in the following hours.

We will achieve optimal charging away from microwave technologies, radioactivity, electromagnetism, maintaining a distance of at least 3 meters from them. In nature (trees and plants in general are orgone producers), with clear skies and sun, and with good air circulation. With greater irradiation in the central hours of the day.

The blanket should not get wet or damp, as it could rust the steel wool it contains.

Excessive use could produce unpleasant sensations. When you feel enough, stop the treatment.

Do not use with electric blanket at the same time.

That is why it is made with a washable cover and an inner cover.

Thick clothing may interfere with use.

All of it is handmade in an artisanal way. The fabrics, all of which are 100% cotton, will vary depending on what they are obtained, being chosen in soft and pleasant tones.


Orgone is a primordial cosmic energy (primordial, unlike other forms of energy of secondary nature), free of mass and which flows through each organism as a vital force.

It is characterized by movement, pulsation and radiation. Omnipresent and basis of all vital processes.

We can observe the spiral movement of orgone energy reflected in the formation of galaxies, or in hurricanes or in the shells of snails. From the macrocosm to the microcosm. Interconnecting the entire physical universe.

All substances have an orgone charge, living and non-living. It can also easily penetrate all forms of matter, although at different speed rates.

While organic materials absorb subtle energy easily, metals repel or disperse it. It is most strongly attracted to living beings, water and itself.

The orgone accumulating blanket is based on this phenomenon. Consisting of alternating strata of organic and metallic materials that imprison atmospheric orgone in the same way that a greenhouse accumulates heat. Having an internal part where the last layer of thin sheet allows the orgone to flow from the metal to the body, and an external part of organic cotton wadding to attract the orgone to the interior of the blanket.

The charge on a given environment or substance will vary with time, usually in a cyclical manner.

Depending on the place where the accumulator is charged, we will achieve a positive orgone charge (healthy, typical of nature, luminous and moving), or dead orgone (characterized by decay, stagnation, blockage, it is dark and dense, it steals water and oxygen , and it is toxic. These places also usually coincide with electromagnetic, radioactive or microwave-producing elements, antennas, high voltage lines, etc. In the human body it manifests itself with muscle tension, among others).

On rainy days the orgone moves towards the water in the clouds, the charge at ground level being much lower. These days we will have to expose it to the atmosphere for longer and the result will be less.


Belt- 20X120cm


  • Outer cover: 100% cotton
  • Blanket interior cover: 100% organic cotton wadding, steel wool
  • Plastic outer case with airtight closure for storage

All of it is handmade in an artisanal way. The fabrics will vary as they are obtained, being chosen in soft tones that are pleasant to the touch.

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