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Orgonite Egg with Shunguite

Orgonite Egg with Shunguite

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This Orgone Egg is a unique product that contains aluminum, quartz and polyester resin for exceptional durability. A touch of blue glitter and Shunguite powder was added that gives a black color to the piece.

The egg is a universal symbol of unity and perfect balance. It represents the mystery of life through the germ of the philosophical egg, as the world is created from the cosmic egg that contains life. Combining the yolk with the sperm forms the Yin Yang, symbolizing totality.

The main function of an Orgonite is to clean stagnant and negative energy, as well as electromagnetic pollution.

Orgonites are natural tools that help improve the quality of the environment, providing positive energy, purifying the rooms where it is located and releasing negative ions that are positive for life.

I make all Orgonites by hand with high quality polyester resin, aluminum shavings and quartz inside, in this case rose quartz.

Authentic orgonites do not need anything more than these three materials for them to work and be effective.

Orgone is also known as Chi, Ki, Pranna, life force, etc.

It is a perfect item to give as a gift to your loved ones or to protect your home or any space you can think of.


  • Aluminum sheets or shavings that direct energy towards the gems.
  • Pink quartz
  • Shunguite powder
  • Polyester resin
  • Blue Glitter


  • Orgone Energy Units (Bovis): 63,000 units
  • Action radius approximately 500 meters.
  • Measurements: 80mm high x60mm maximum diameter
  • Weight: 233g.

NOTE: The item may contain small imperfections because it is a handmade work and none of them are exactly the same as the other, of course that does not detract from their effectiveness.

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