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Dodecagon Orgonite Pendant with Shunguite

Dodecagon Orgonite Pendant with Shunguite

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Orgonite pendant in the shape of a decagon... where orgone merges with art!✨

Made by hand with resin, aluminum shavings, white quartz inside, shungite powder and a few touches of mica micro pigments that give it these yellow and orange inlays.

Orgonite is a powerful tool that transforms dense energy into positive and reduces EMF radiation to create a harmonious environment full of positive energy.

Thanks to its pulses of negative ions, this device improves the environment and increases universal vital energy.

It is a perfect item to give as a gift to your loved ones or for personal protection🎁


  • Aluminum sheets or shavings
  • white quartz
  • Polyester resin
  • mica pigment
  • Shunguite powder


  • Orgone energy in Bovis (UB): 25,000 bovis
  • Action radius of 8 meters. approximately.
  • Measurements: 35mm diameter x 9mm thickness
  • Weight: 16g.

The item you will receive is the same as the one in the photo.

NOTE: The item may contain small imperfections because it is a handmade work and none of them are exactly the same as the other, of course that does not detract from their effectiveness.

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