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Cloud Buster 3 Tubes - Tesseract Crystal Grid and MWO by Lakhovsky

Cloud Buster 3 Tubes - Tesseract Crystal Grid and MWO by Lakhovsky

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This Cloud Buster is a unique piece, it harmonizes the zero point energy field, creating a natural harmony that provides us with peace and tranquility💫

The Orgone Cloud Buster is a unique device designed to transform stagnant energy into freely flowing and harmonious energy, can prevent the harmful effects of weather modification and dissipate Chemtrails.

Orgone energy neutralizes the harmful negative energy DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation) or electromagnetic radiation, wifi, mobile phone, wastewater, negative energy emitted by chemicals and transforms it into POR, positive energy (Positive Orgone Radiation) purifying the space to your surroundings.

Discover the vital energy of this orgone device! This unique blend of aluminum, organic resins and quartz crystals creates a strong energetic matrix.

Orgonite helps harmonize and vitalize the body, improve sleep quality, release stress and restore balance. Explore the benefits and be impressed by its incredible potential!

NOTE: The item may contain small imperfections because it is a handmade work and none of them are exactly the same as the other, of course that does not detract from their effectiveness.


  • Aluminum sheets or shavings that direct energy towards the gems.
  • Rose quartz and shungite stones
  • Polyester resin
  • 3 copper tubes of 22mmx
  • Lakhovsky's Tesseract Crystal and MWO
  • Natural pigments
  • Purpurin


  • Energy in Bovis (Orgon Energy Unit): 146,000 Bovis
  • Action radius 6,000 meters
  • Measurements: diameter 25cm x 163cm high
  • Weight: 4kg

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